Collegiate Partnerships

leads a movement striving to impact every college and university campus in North Carolina so that there is No Campus Left without a reproducing gospel presence.


What is a reproducing gospel presence?
The Collegiate Partnerships Team (@NoCampusLeft) believes that in order for a campus to have a reproducing gospel presence, four criteria must be present on campus:

1. A group.
It can be a large group, a small group, or a network of small groups. What it can’t be is a lone-ranger believer. Why? Disciples are made in community with accountability and partnership and therefore a group of people are necessary for the mission. This group must also be gathering in some fashion.

2. Doctrinally sound. 
This group must perpetuate orthodox doctrine in a Protestant tradition, holding to the authority of scripture, affirming the Trinity and the exclusivity of Christ, as well as other basic orthodox tenants.

3. Under the authority of the local church.
This group must be connected and under the authority of the local church. Reaching the college campus is the biblical responsibility of the local church, not parachurch organizations.

4. Making Disciples. 
This group must foster a disciple-making culture that results in multiplication. This can be disciples who are making more disciples, groups who are multiplying by starting more groups, or entire ministries that are taking new ground by starting new works on new campuses.

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