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3 ways to pray for the Triangle

The Triangle is one of the fastest growing areas in the United States. Business opportunities and universities make the region attractive to students, young professionals and families. [more]

5 ways to pray for lostness in North Carolina

As the National Day of Prayer approaches, consider how you can pray for revival, spiritual awakening and those who don’t know Christ. [more]

“Testify! Go. Stand. Speak.” in Dallas this June

As we approach this year’s SBC annual meeting, Milton A. Hollifield Jr. asks N.C. Baptists to pray for the convention, all of the related events and for our denomination as a whole.[more]

Lunsford receives NC Baptist Heritage Award

Fred B. Lunsford, longtime Director of Missions for the Truett Baptist Association, received a 2018 Heritage Award from the Baptist state convention. [more]

BSCNC investment impacting NC prisons for Christ

Members of the BSCNC’s Executive Committee heard a testimony about the N.C. Prison Field Ministry Program and other reports during a meeting held Thursday, April 12.[more]

Sharing your testimony as a bridge to the gospel

Our relationship with God takes the shape of a story. Whether you were saved at a young age, as a teenager, or as an adult, the beginning of your life story is marked by sin and separation.[more]

What millennial parents expect from your church

Millennials are often perceived in a negative light, but they have much to offer churches if churches will take the time to understand who they are and what they think.[more]

Southern Baptists: Together on God’s mission

Throughout our history, we have been and continue to be a denomination that believes that we can accomplish more together than we can apart.[more]

The missing ingredient of Sunday School

N.C. churches are blessed to have great Bible study teachers. But oftentimes, we lack salt when it comes to sharing with our neighbors outside the church doors.[more]

Online worship certification for NC Baptists

Worship leaders can earn a certificate in worship leadership and receive college credit at Fruitland Baptist Bible College as part of a new online hybrid class offered.[more]

The unforeseen fruits of serving in VBS

Perhaps more than any other endeavor, VBS is a ministry of the whole church. Children are the central focus as hopes arise for them having a personal relationship with Jesus. [more]

When your gospel conversation turns awkward

When our nerves might get the better of us, having one or two simple bridging questions can help us take the leap from a general conversation into a gospel conversation with confidence.[more]

NC Baptist communications survey underway

All N.C. Baptists are invited to take a brief communications survey to gather feedback on current and future information and resources from the state convention. [more]

5 resources for April 2018

Check out this month’s roundup of resources which include emphases on Vacation Bible School, Sunday School and evangelism. [more]

A testimony of Embracing NYC

Despite the bright lights of Times Square, New York is a dark city in desperate need of the good news of the gospel, writes Kaitlyn King.[more]

8 ways pastors can lead in disciple-making

Making disciples includes everything from sharing the gospel with a nonbeliever to leading believers. Here are some ways a pastor can lead members to be disciple-makers.[more]

Share the hope of the resurrection

Easter provides a tremendous opportunity to proclaim what Christianity is all about both personally and corporately in our worship services leading up to Easter Sunday.[more]

Church merger results in greater gospel impact

Prayer paved the way for an unlikely partnership and eventual merger of two churches in the Cleveland County city of Shelby.[more]

5 ways to serve guests this Easter

More churches miss the opportunity to connect intentionally with guests on Easter than any other Sunday of the year. Here are some reminders to help you make the most of this opportunity.[more]

Tar Heel Baptist Church: ‘A story of hope’

Tar Heel Baptist Church isn’t a megachurch. It’s not even a church in a growing community. But God is at work in in this southeastern North Carolina community.[more]

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