How to be missional with your neighbors

The Great Commandment and the Great Commission form the marching orders for each individual church. The best place on earth to fulfill loving God, loving your neighbor and making disciples...[more]

6 ways to point your grandchildren to Christ

Outside of moms and dads, grandparents ranked among the most admired role models by teenagers according to a study by the Barna Research.[more]

Why bring your team to the D6 Conference?

“Generational discipleship is the very essence of cultural change. This theme emphasizes the idea that discipleship is not an event, but a way of life. Only when the church partners with...[more]

Encouragement for blended families

For many families, summers are busy and always seem to put a kink into our normal routines. You can pretty much throw routines out the door during the summer. Can I get a witness?[more]

10 reasons to attend this year's D6 Conference

The D6 Conference is the one family ministry conference designed to help your ministry team get on the same page to minister to the families in your church and city.[more]

Stay engaged as the school bell rings

“Back to school” is a phrase that both creates excitement and strikes fear in the hearts of children and parents alike. Vacations and camps are in the rear view mirror, and the road ahead...[more]

How to have the most epic summer yet

Ready for that summer vacation? Here are some ways you can sprinkle the gospel everywhere you go this summer.[more]

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