NC Baptist: Testimonies for Intentionally Evangelistic Church


from pastors across the state help us understand the importance of the Intentionally Evangelistic Church Strategy and its potential for Kingdom impact.

Mark Harris, pastor, First Baptist Church, Charlotte

"In the spring of 2009, it was a pleasure for me to lead our entire ministerial staff at First Baptist Church, Charlotte, to attend the IECS conference held in Charlotte. It truly turned out to be one of the best decisions I have made in my first four years as pastor of this church. Several things became very clear during those days together.

First, the material Don shared was biblical, inspirational, and encouraging. For me as a pastor, many of the principles were things I had experienced in previous pastorates, and even tried to share with staff and lay leaders upon coming to FBC Charlotte. However, they had not seemed to "click" until those days together at the conference. Hearing the ideas and principles from someone with Don's experience and wisdom truly seemed to get their attention.

Secondly, for me, it was a great wake-up call. As a pastor facing challenges every day, it had become easy to not keep personal soul-winning as a top priority in my own life. The conviction that I felt, and even better began to take action on, has been a tremendous blessing.

Thirdly, our whole calendaring experience three months later was marked by new vocabulary and new priority. The conference truly helped open the eyes of every ministry area to the evangelistic purpose behind what they are doing. It was exciting and encouraging to my heart.

In closing, I am thrilled to report that our baptisms are running conservatively 40 percent ahead of where we were last year, and we still have a few weeks left. I am indeed grateful for the work and ministry of our Convention. Truly, I encourage every pastor to take your staff and/or lay leaders, bathe it in prayer, and see if God doesn't use this conference to radically awaken your hearts and minds!"

Craig Hamlin, pastor, Fairview Baptist Church, Apex

"The IECS Seminar challenged me to focus on the lost at a deeper level and (to) challenge my church to pray specifically for the lost, expecting God to answer. I was challenged to give an evangelistic invitation at every event. I want to implement everything I can so we will trust the Lord for lost people to come to Christ."

Bill Mackey, former executive director-treasurer, Baptist State Convention of Kentucky

"I want to commend you for the outstanding seminar that you have developed both in content and process for helping pastors and staff to put together a strategy for their church. Your focus on leadership, prayer, assimilation and personal and event evangelism are on target. Your resources, research and references to pastors who are making a difference are very impressive. You not only challenged the participants to make evangelism a priority but you provided the opportunity for them to develop a strategy for their church so that they could begin implementation upon returning home. You did not take anything for granted. I was blessed and inspired to be more effective in evangelism. I wish I could have attended earlier and could have had something like this when I was in evangelism. I thought Mount Vernon Baptist Church did an excellent job in hosting the seminar."

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