Broken Before the Throne Prayer Gathering

N.C. Baptists experienced a powerful service devoted to prayer
at the 2017 Annual Meeting, titled "Broken Before the Throne: A
Prayer Gathering." The structure of this prayer service can be replicated in churches and associational gatherings. Following is
a compilation of resources from the service to assist in the preparation and planning for a similar gathering.

Prayer guide

The focus for this guide is based on Zechariah 1:3. This 30-day prayer guide can be downloaded free of charge or purchased here. Use these to prepare your congregation for this powerful service through a month of spiritual preparation.

Script and stage notes

This PDF outlines much of the structure of the service, including music that was used in the service. Feel free to adapt to your setting.

This PDF gives more detail on Chris Schofield’s remarks along with more of the logistics for the service.

Music details

This additional page has links to the actual products and descriptions of arrangements used in the service to aid your musicians.

Outline of service bookmark

This bookmark may be duplicated to give your congregation a copy of the Scripture passages and outline of the service to take with them for continued devotion.


This PowerPoint presentation contains all the Bible passages in NKJV format and the guided corporate prayer prompts that you can place in your worship presentation software and use in the service.

Asbury Revival video

This clip was used in the opening part of the prayer service. To download this video, go to the video home page and click “download.”

Featured Resources

More Information

Chris Schofield [email protected]  /  (800) 395-5102 ext. 5514
Fatima Roma  /  [email protected]  /  (800) 395-5102 ext. 5513