Making Sunday School more than an event

by Rick Hughes, BSCNC Sunday School/Small Groups

Join us at our fall conference to learn the keys to an effective Bible study, Sunday School or small group. This training will focus on teaching, sharing and caring.

Monday, August 7, 2017

This fall, the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina is offering a training called Inside-Out on how to take advantage of disciple-making opportunities within Sunday School. This training will take place in seven locations across the state. Breakout sessions will offer a new perspective based on simple themes of teaching, caring and sharing.

You’ll be encouraged to convey a love for Christ that is centered on the gospel, compelling you to imitate Jesus. The question we must ask at the end of the day is, “What is the purpose for the class?”

Sunday School can be a context where each believer is taught, encouraged and cared for. They can sit down in a room with other Christians, talk and be challenged on a personal level. The interaction that can take place in Sunday School can and should be a primary means of making disciples.

But oftentimes, these classes are reduced to a mere transfer of information, regurgitating biblical answers and sharing prayer requests, all within the 45-minute time frame. It’s organized, orderly and predictable. So we have to take time regularly to assess its effectiveness and consider whether or not it is achieving the goal that has been set before us: to make disciples.

When we look at the life of Jesus, He made disciples through relationships. We see Jesus and His disciples fishing, eating and journeying together. His relationship with His disciples was unscripted, much different than 45-minute weekly bursts of interaction. The Sunday School hour is important, but authentic relationships must be built intentionally both inside and outside of class when people are going through their weekly routines. We want to mirror our Sunday School class after Jesus’ ministry to and through His disciples.

It’s our prayer that these trainings this fall would be a way to encourage Sunday School teachers across the state to live in faithful obedience to God’s Word. It’s our goal that every Sunday School teacher would take advantage of what God has generously given them, a Sunday School class that can be mobilized for God’s mission to make disciples. 

Editor's note: Rick Hughes serves as the senior consultant for the BSCNC's Sunday School and Small Groups Ministry. Learn more about Inside-Out Sunday School Training at