Global Gates brings the gospel to the unreached

by BSCNC Communications
Wednesday, December 19, 2012 | 5 yrs old

If all the people from unreached people groups living in metro New York were counted and considered a city, they would form the second largest city in the United States, with a population of more than four million.

One out of every 10 Muslims in the United States and more than 400,000 Hindus live in metro New York. New York City also has the largest Jewish population of any city in the world.  

New York City is home to people from all cultures and religions who need to hear the gospel, and being one of the most diverse cities in the world, it is also one of the most strategic.  

“We want to raise up missionaries from New York and bring missionaries in,” said Brad Wall of Global Gates. “We are doing international missions, but on U.S. soil.”  

Wall, along with Chris Clayman – author of ethNYcity and former International Mission Board (IMB) missionary – founded Global Gates to help reach unreached people groups in New York with the gospel. Global Gates partners with the Metropolitan New York Baptist Association (MNYBA). North Carolina Baptists can participate in the work of Global Gates through a partnership between the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina’s Office of Great Commission Partnerships and MNYBA.

“Our goal is to see multiplying churches,” said Wall, a Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary graduate and former IMB missionary. “You don’t do that by planting one church and inviting people to come, or using existing churches and thinking they will come. We realized we had to take the church to them.”

Global Gates seeks to train missionaries and equip believers from different people groups to reach their community – and their country of origin – with the gospel. The organization also serves among unreached people groups through outreach such as English and computer training, and meeting physical needs. 

Global Gates connects local churches with unreached people groups and encourages churches to partner together to plant churches, pray for unreached people and build relationships with members of unreached people groups.

“We found that different people were working in New York, but few people were working together,” Wall said.

Global Gates works throughout metro New York to reach groups such as West Africans, South Asians, Arab Muslims and Bengalis.

Wall and his family focus much of their ministry on the Jamaica and Jackson Heights neighborhoods of Queens, giving special attention to serving and reaching Muslims.

Wall and his family returned to the United States from international missionary work in order to provide medical care for one of their children, yet their desire remained to reach Muslims.

“God didn’t take that burden away,” Wall said.

More than 800,000 Muslims live in metro New York. Just down the street from Wall’s family live a family from Yemen and a man from Uzbekistan.

In order for them to hear the gospel, people must tell them.

“It’s not that most people don’t share the gospel well – usually we just don’t share,” Wall said.

Global Gates is helping metro New York churches begin sharing the gospel more frequently, more consistently and with more people. Wall is praying that the hearts of believers would be opened to see the lost people who are all around them every day.

Wall is also praying that God will bring salvations and disciples from their small group efforts using the T4T model. During T4T (“Training for Trainers”) a leader meets with a small group of believers, training them in how to share their testimony, witness to lost people and disciple believers.

The goal of T4T is to train and disciple believers so that they are able to start other T4T groups that will result in more T4T groups.

T4T also encourages small groups to start in the homes of people who are not believers. As Global Gates meets lost people who are interested in the gospel and studying the Bible, they begin meeting with them and encouraging them to invite friends, family and neighbors to the Bible study.  

“We want to impact lostness and not just gather Christians,” Wall said. “People are being discipled even before they are believers.”

Wall said he wants to serve as a “gateway” to help connect believers with people from the same language and culture.

“If we extract them from their community they don’t have as much influence,” he said. “We are trying to reach so many languages and cultures, we can’t be knowledgeable about all of them. We need local partners who want to reach their own people.”

Wall is praying for New York churches to adopt unreached communities in New York and for God to save members of unreached people groups.

Wall also asked North Carolina Baptists to specifically pray that he would be able to connect with the Pakistani community in the Brighton Beach area of Brooklyn.

“We can’t just reach people like us. I’ve really been burdened for Pakistanis. Please pray for God to provide inroads into that community.”

Global Gates hosts a yearlong missionary training school that starts every August and helps equip believers to make disciples among unreached people groups. More information about the internship, and how to get involved with Global Gates, is available at

To learn how your church can get involved with the MNYBA partnerships, visit or contact Michael Sowers at (800) 395-5102 ext. 5654 or [email protected]