Introduction Week

Use this week to introduce the curriculum and answer some foundational questions. If you are in a small group, use this time to get to know one another.

Start Here

For the introduction week, spend some time getting to know one another. Beyond asking the normal questions such as name, family and occupation, share with one another your disciple-making experiences. Here are a few questions to get you started:

  1. What have your past discipleship experiences been like?
    (Either in being discipled or in discipling someone else)
  2. What do you hope to gain from this material?
  3. Watch Video 1: Praying for the Lost

For each week of lessons, there are two videos (except the intro week and week 10). The first video is designed to be watched at the beginning of each group time, and the second video is to be viewed at the conclusion of each group time and coordinates with the upcoming week's personal workbook lessons (available as a download on each page or below to order).

Order a Patterned Workbook

Order your personal copy of the Patterned workbook by clicking the button below and completing the form. You may also download a digital copy and print as many as needed.


More Information

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