NC Baptist: Hungary - Roma Partnership

Hungary - Roma Partnership

is seeking mature students to spend the summer in Hungary leading English Bible Camps in Hungarian public schools with large populations of Roma (Gypsy) children.

At the heart of every community in Hungary is a public school. It is the central meeting place of people young and old. The most educated and respected members of society are employed there and the school holds the village together. And now, thanks to a law passed by the Hungarian government in 2012, Baptists have an open door to share Christ in 49 communities through ministering to students and teachers in public schools.

In 2018, Baptists on Mission/North Carolina Baptist Men is seeking a team of eight to 10 collegiate missionaries willing to spend their summer teaching the children about God through English Bible Camps. The team will spend seven to eight weeks traveling across Eastern Hungary or other regions hosting or assisting with the weeklong camps in schools operated by Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid).

Camp Details
Each weeklong camp will be held in either a kindergarten or a general school (grades 1-8). A typical camp will host 80-100 children who rotate through six stations throughout the day camp. The team will be provided with transportation and translators by our partner, HBAid.

Additional Travel
In addition to the camps in the schools, the team will potentially work in Roma (Gypsy) communities in Romania and Ukraine hosting VBS/Backyard Bible Clubs for very disadvantaged children. If possible, one week will be spent in each location. 

Available Positions
There are currently 8-10 positions available for college men and women who have completed a minimum of one year of college. Team members will teach the prepared curriculum to include Bible stories, English language lessons, American culture lessons, games, music and crafts. This is a great opportunity for individuals who are preparing to work in ESL, music, teaching or ministry-related fields.            

This project requires raising financial support of $3,000 - $3500 (depending on airfare), which includes airfare, food and lodging. A valid passport, background check and appropriate travel immunizations are required. 

More Information

Teresa Jones  /  tajones@ncbaptist.org  /  (800) 395-5102 ext. 5573