Serving among the Thai in North Carolina (Part 3)

by Jonathan Derbyshire, BSCNC Contractor
Monday, December 25, 2017 | 298 days old

Pa Chit’s Testimony
I have been leading a Thai Bible study with a Thai believer in Durham for the past few months. We have often talked about what it would be like to plant a Thai church in the Triangle.

I was going out of state for a couple weeks, and Yai and I were finishing up our study in Mark. We talked about our desire to plant a Thai church and what that would look like. It sounds funny to say out loud, but we wanted to plant a Thai church with one Thai believer.

I suggested to Yai that we can continue doing our Bible study, and he could invite other members of the Thai community to join us. They didn't have to be Christians. We could all study the Bible together and see what God would do.

While I was out of state, I received a text from Yai. He said that he knows a lady in his restaurant that is interested in hearing about Jesus and would like to attend our Bible study. He wanted to know if she could come even though she couldn’t read or write. I told him she could absolutely come.

As usual, I came to Yai’s restaurant. I sat at a table and waited for him to come out of the back. A few minutes later, Pa Chit came to sit with me. I talked to her for a bit and realized she was the lady that Yai had invited. I asked her how she was doing. She told me that she gets migraines a lot. She continued to tell me that she has had two surgeries in her head to remove tumors. She said that she has lots of stress, but is thankful to be alive. I told her that I was happy she was alive, too.

At this point Yai came over to sit with us ready to start the Bible study. After talking to Pa Chit, I realized that she probably has never heard the whole gospel in her own language. So I shared with her a witnessing method that utilizes stories throughout the Bible called “Creation to Christ.” I shared my testimony and so did Yai. Yai and I spoke to her about all that God has done in our lives and what He has done in the world. This was the first time Pa Chit had heard the entire gospel story in her own language.

Pa Chit went to get a glass of water from the kitchen. I leaned over to Yai and said, “When she comes back, we need to ask her if she wants to pray to receive Christ.”

Yai agreed.

Then I said, “If she says yes, then Yai I want you to lead her in how to pray.”

Again, Yai agreed.

Pa Chit came back, and we talked a little more. Then I asked her what she thought of Jesus and if she wanted to pray to receive Him as her Savior.

She said, “Yes, I do.”

Yai walked her through the prayer and right there in his restaurant, Yai led his first person to Christ.

Pa Chit is excited to learn more about Christ. She is excited to continue to study the Bible with us in her own language.

Editor’s note: Jonathan Derbyshire serves as a catalyst with the Peoples Next Door N.C. team of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina. This is the third of a three-part series on reaching the Thai people in North Carolina. Following are links to part one and part two.