Testimony from the pew: How regular people can...

I want to share part of my story on how I began to engage internationals and how you can too. When I started at seminary in the fall of 2013, sadly the thought of engaging the nations in...[more]

Look for these people when trying to engage a...

Reaching out across cultural barriers to engage internationals in the States is a daunting prospect for many local church members. They are unsure of culture and know little about the...[more]

Your community should affect the way you do...

Methods in local church ministry and mission are too often based on the perceived goals of the church instead of the unique nature of their community. Before I sound too critical, I...[more]

Reaching the nations among us as a mom

Moms are uniquely qualified to serve on the frontlines of ministry to reach the unreached from among the nations who live right here in North Carolina. [more]

Reaching the nations among us as a family

If we want to reach the nations among us, there’s no better way to do it than as a family. Here are several benefits and ways for all families to play a role in God’s mission.[more]

How to avoid unhealthy dependency

Creating unhealthy dependency in compassion ministry can do more harm than good. These guiding principles can help you show compassion without creating unhealthy dependence. [more]

7 ways to care for cross-cultural missionaries...

While structures for missionary care are in place for workers serving throughout the world, similar measures are largely absent for the cross-cultural worker in North America.[more]

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