Using God’s Word to reach the unreached

Could you help an unbeliever discover Jesus by taking them through the Scriptures? If not, what can help you get there?[more]

Do you have an entry strategy?

How do we discover and engage unreached peoples in our neighborhoods? Luke 10 offers several principles that Jesus’ own disciples followed. [more]

Counting the cost: What will it take to reach...

In cross-cultural ministry, especially among unreached people groups, counting the cost is critical. These are peoples whose parents and grandparents have followed after gurus, Buddha or...[more]

The Great Commandment: The all-encompassing...

Jesus tells a story that teaches us exactly how to understand this command to love our neighbors.[more]

The Great Commission: God’s all-encompassing...

The Great Commission is perhaps the most important directive in the mission of the Church and the whole reason that the Church exists.[more]

Are we there yet?

Zac Lyons of Great Commission Partnerships says we need a holy discontentment for the magnitude of lostness in our communities and around the world.[more]

Diwali: The Festival of Lights

Hindus around the world celebrate Diwali on Oct. 30. Here's what Christians need to know.[more]

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