Reaching the nations from your front porch

How far are the nations from your front porch? They’re closer than you think. The nations are all around us. To reach them, we must understand who they are. Just like us, internationals are...[more]

The role of ESL in ministry

ESL in the BibleIs English as a second language in the Bible? Well, sort of. Jesus never really addressed the issue of language teaching, but He did talk about loving our neighbor. Matthew...[more]

7 resources to help you pray for the nations

Prayer is a way that every single Christian can be involved in missions. In fact, 1 Timothy 2:1-6 instructs us to pray for all peoples. Never has that passage been more relevant to the...[more]

How to mobilize your church to pray for the...

Prayer isn’t just an essential key in the life of the life of the church — it’s also a huge part of the mission of God. It changes our hearts and helps us to accomplish His mission. It’s...[more]

All believers are missionaries

I was in a village about a month ago. And when I was in this village, I had come across a family that had never heard the gospel. And as I shared the gospel with this family, and I came to...[more]

Pray that they’ll trust us

We’ve got a church in Park Slope, Brooklyn, that has really fallen on hard times. A few months ago, [it] had nine members. And so one of our pastors actually agreed to become the pastor of...[more]

Why we must pray evangelistically for each...

The Bible is clear about the state of non-believers before they respond to the gospel in repentance and faith. In fact, it often describes them in terms of spiritual conflict: They’re...[more]

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