Principles from the Gospels Used in Diaspora...

Held accountable to “welcome” the stranger in our land (Matt. 25:35,) we recognize that loving the foreigner launches the greater work of the spread of the kingdom. In Luke 10 and John 4,...[more]

Volunteers in Diaspora Ministry

Anyone involved in any type of ministry knows the importance of volunteers. Diaspora ministry is no different. Volunteers serve in critical areas such as teaching English, setting up...[more]

Discipling a New Muslim Background Believer

Hopefully you have been following this series from the beginning (insert link here). If so, then you have been praying for Muslims, found a way to intentionally build redemptive...[more]

Sharing the gospel with a Muslim

If you have been following along with this series of articles, you have been praying for Muslims in your community and building relationships with them. Now it is time to let them in on the...[more]

Befriending a Muslim

Perhaps you have been praying for Muslims for awhile. God has been breaking your heart for them and their need for the gospel. But they are still “them” – a mysterious group of “others” and...[more]

Praying for Muslims

“God is the most great! I bear witness that there is no God but Allah. I bear witness that Muhammad is the prophet of Allah. Come to prayer. Come to salvation. God is the most great! There...[more]

Questions to ask our Muslim friends during...

The month of Ramadan is a 30-day period of intentional fasting that will occur from May 15 to June 14 this year. During this time, followers of Islam abstain from food during daylight hours...[more]

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