How to get started with language learning

Becoming a language learner can be a powerful illustration of the gospel. Guest author William Haselton offers six ways to get started.[more]

Learn my language, touch my heart

In the first of a two-part series, guest author William Haselton shares three reasons how language can build bridges for the sake of the gospel. [more]

7 principles for modern diaspora ministry

In a day when global migration is at an all-time high, the Book of Acts offers several principles to crossing geographic and cultural boundaries with the gospel. [more]

Serving among the Thai in North Carolina (Part...

Learn how a Thai woman came to know Christ after hearing the gospel in her own language.[more]

Serving Among the Thai in North Carolina - part...

Pao is a server in Thai restaurant. He is from Bangkok and has been in the United States for only a couple of years. Learn how two Christ followers befriended Pao and pointed him to Christ.[more]

28 tips for sharing space with ethnic churches

Sharing worship space with ethnic churches is both difficult and deeply rewarding. Trent DeLoach, pastor of Clarkston International Bible Church, shares some insights his church has learned...[more]

4 ways churches can work together

What if established churches and new ethnic churches worked together to engage their community? Pastor Trent DeLoach of Clarkston International Bible Church shares some ways to get started.[more]

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