Senior Adult Track

Fifty million baby boomers are living in the United States, and many want to do something significant with their time, energy and money. Many want to serve the Lord in significant ways, but they feel stuck or don’t know where to begin. This track will focus on creating a strategic plan for engaging this group in leadership, discipleship and evangelism.

*Why Baby Boomers are the Future of Senior Adult Ministry 

Eddie Thompson
Pastoral Ministry Consultant, BSCNC 

One of our primary roles as ministry leaders is to equip God’s people for the wok of ministry (Eph. 4:12). This call remains just as important as we lead older adults in our congregations. The new generation of senior adults, called Baby Boomers, have time, energy and resources to offer in service to Christ, but they are largely overlooked and unequipped. This sessions will look carefully at how we can teach, train and release them.

*only offered during the first two equipping sessions 

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