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3 ways to make the most of your summer

Summer is a gift from God. People gather in backyards, on porches and around baseball diamonds to enjoy community and the glorious outdoors. Smoke from a neighbor’s grill, splashes in a...[more]

Christians learn to tell ‘The Story’

Because the amount of people who have a basic understanding of the Bible “is shrinking in America,” Jerry McCorkle said he began to explore a “new” way to share the Christian faith with all...[more]

Evangelists encouraged to embrace the call,...

Although Frank Page is thankful for the gospel of second chances, he also believes that nations and individuals experience irrecoverable moments, or times when decisions lead to eternal...[more]


God is doing extraordinary things in and through ordinary people.


Jesus changed the world by training a few and unleashing them to do the same.


Different contexts require different resources.

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