Adult Evangelism & Discipleship

exists to help every believer enjoy Jesus and lead others into fellowship with Him.

Disciple-making is what we’re made for

Through training, networking, resourcing and most importantly, the power and leading of the Holy Spirit, we seek to join Him in the joy-filled work of making disciples. [more]

Just like Daddy

Children naturally imitate their parents and peers. Similarly, we are to imitate Jesus, who imitates the Father. Josh Reed shares why imitation is a fundamental aspect of disciple-making. [more]

3 ways to make the most of your summer

Summer is a gift from God. People gather in backyards, on porches and around baseball diamonds to enjoy community and the glorious outdoors. Smoke from a neighbor’s grill, splashes in a...[more]


God is doing extraordinary things in and through ordinary people like this...


Jesus changed the world by training a few and unleashing them to do the same.


Different contexts require different resources like these...

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