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God controls the nations, and He moves them for...

God is sovereign over the locations of people, and He moves them for His glory.[more]

Impacting college campuses with the gospel

As students around the state prepare to go back to school, pray for the advancement of the gospel on our college campuses.[more]

Anchored Q&A: Katie Orr

Katie Orr will encourage ladies at this year’s N.C. Baptist Women’s Retreat. She recently took some time to answer some questions about her ministry and the upcoming retreat.[more]

Why reach college students?

Churches often have a hard time reaching out to college campuses. Yet, colleges are places of vast lostness and filled with students who need the gospel.[more]

Making Sunday School more than an event

The interaction that can take place in Sunday School can and should be a primary means of making disciples.[more]

Faith at Home Q&A: Rob Rienow

As founder of Visionary Family Ministries, Rob Rienow has a mission to build the church by globally transforming family discipleship. [more]

New village offers hope to abandoned children

On a farm outside of Johannesburg, South Africa, the Door of Hope Village is taking shape. It’s a place where children who had previously been abandoned are being given a second chance.[more]

Top 5 resources for August

August means it’s almost time for students of all ages to head back to school. Here are five resources for you and your church, including a few to help with the back-to-school transition.[more]

Prayer: The key to revival

Part of this year’s Annual Meeting will be devoted to a time of dedicated prayer for revival and spiritual awakening as part of the “Broken Before the Throne” prayer gathering.[more]

Living in a post-Christian society

Eleven cities from North Carolina were included in a recent report of the top 100 “post-Christian” cities in America. What implications does this have for N.C. Baptists?[more]

Reaching college students

College ministry means more than reaching students at large state schools or those in the traditional 18-22 age demographic. Tom Knight of the Collegiate Partnerships Team explains. [more]

Are we there yet?

Zac Lyons of Great Commission Partnerships says we need a holy discontentment for the magnitude of lostness in our communities and around the world.[more]

Rebuilding after Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew left damaged and destroyed homes in its wake, but since then, Baptists on Mission have been offering hope to victims of the storm.[more]

Faith at Home Q&A: Ron Hunter

Ron Hunter Jr. is the executive director & CEO of Randall House, a Christian publisher that promotes generational discipleship through curriculum, books and events. Hunter helps church...[more]

Exec. Committee recommends $31M budget

The proposed 2018 Cooperative Program budget reflects an increase of $625,000 over 2017 and calls for a 0.5 percent increase in the allocation to the Southern Baptist Convention.[more]

3 common objections to family discipleship

Many parents know they are called to disciple their children, but they don’t feel adequate or equipped to do so. Usually, they will respond with one of three three objections.[more]

Annual Meeting theme: 'Return to Me'

“Return to Me” is the theme for the 2017 Baptist State Convention of North Carolina Annual Meeting, which will include a special emphasis on prayer for revival and spiritual awakening.[more]

5 resources for July

Summer offers unique opportunities to engage friends and neighbors in gospel conversations. This month's resources are designed to help you do just that![more]

Unity in the gospel

Southern Baptists demonstrated at the recent Southern Baptist Convention that we are united together around the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, writes Milton A. Hollifield Jr.[more]

Are Hispanic Christians God answer to reaching...

Hispanics share common interests with other cultures. Former missionary John Davenport shares why Hispanic Christians may be God’s answer to reaching our Muslim neighbors.[more]

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