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N.C. Baptists are taking the next step to impact lostness.

The joy of evangelism

Joy is experienced in numerous ways, but few things awaken joy like seeing someone cross from death to life after hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ, writes Josh Reed.[more]

Once far off, now brought near

Several years ago, a close relative asked my wife and me to care for her child. The boyfriend had gone to prison, and child services would soon intervene to take the child. In order to...[more]

How will you be a voice for life?

Many churches will recognize Jan. 21 as Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. As believers, we are called to be a voice for the powerless, writes Milton A. Hollifield Jr. [more]

Disciple-Making Q&A: Matt Carter

Matt Carter, pastor of preaching and vision at The Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, Texas, invites you to the 2018 N.C. Baptist Disciple-Making Conference, scheduled for Tuesday,...[more]