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Pockets of Lostness Map

View the 250 pockets of concentrated lostness in N.C.

Next Step videos

N.C. Baptists are taking the next step to impact lostness.

Working together to accomplish the mission

Drawing from his military background, Pastor Doug Duty shares how the Cooperative Program allows all churches to be a part of sending and supporting missionaries.[more]

7 ways to reach unreached peoples at home

Why are many churches willing to go to unreached peoples “over there,” but unwilling to reach those same people “over here”? J.D. Payne offers seven ways to help your church's vision. [more]

NC Baptists encouraged to utilize early voting

Early voting is essential this election season since the 2017 Annual Meeting takes place during Election Day on Nov. 7, writes Earl Roach of the Christian Life and Public Affairs Special...[more]

Teaching your child to pray

Parents and grandparents have a great opportunity to teach children how to pray. Here’s some helpful advice about modeling prayer at different stages of a child’s life.[more]