Pockets of Lostness Map

View the 250 pockets of concentrated lostness in N.C.

Next Step videos

NC Baptists are taking the next step to impact lostness.

What would it take to see revival?

The church in America finds itself in an ever-increasing hostile, hopeless and overwhelming place as paganism, evil and lostness marches forward.[more]

Greear urges Baptists to aid in hurricane relief

J.D. Greear, president of the SBC, encourages individuals to support Southern Baptist disaster relief efforts in the aftermath of the storm.[more]

3 ways to support Hurricane Florence relief

Hurricane Florence is a powerful storm that is projected to inflict major damage to the Carolinas and surrounding states. Baptists on Mission/N.C. Baptist Men are making plans to respond.[more]

Natural disasters: How your church can respond

Natural disasters can wreak havoc on a community. While churches are not immune from the impact of these events, they play a vital role in ministering to the community.[more]