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Leading change through diaspora missions

How do we help church members reach the unreached people groups who are now our neighbors? BSCNC consultant Zac Lyons shares four keys.[more]

Churches that want to lose people

As part of our "Leading Voices" series, Pastor J.D. Greear of the Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham shares why churches should want to lose people.[more]

Leading change through student ministry

The youth ministry’s inner work of change has multiple steps. Don’t move too fast, warns Merrie Johnson, senior consultant for youth evangelism and discipleship.[more]

Leadworship Workshop coming to NC this spring

Join acclaimed musician Paul Baloche for worship training and encouragement March 31-April 1 at Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem.[more]

Leading change through worship

Transitioning your church’s worship can be divisive, but it doesn’t have to be, writes Kenny Lamm, worship and music consultant with the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina.[more]

Disciple-Making: Q&A with Ed Newton

What are some keys to connecting with others for the sake of the gospel? Disciple-Making Conference speaker Ed Newton shares some thoughts.[more]

Revitalization: God’s call to churches

Many churches across the state are in need of revitalization. Milton A. Hollifield Jr. shares his thoughts on church revitalization and its eternal impact.[more]

Leading change through children’s ministry

Churches need to focus on equipping parents to disciple their children at home, writes Cheryl Markland, childhood evangelism and discipleship consultant with the BSCNC.[more]

Disciple-making: Q&A with Micah Fries

How should pastors and church leaders understand disciple-making? Disciple-Making Conference speaker Micah Fries shares some thoughts.[more]

3 keys to a healthy, growing marriage

Small annoyances can add up to big problems in marriage when left unattended. Here are three ways couples can catch those “little foxes.”[more]

Four biblical ways to pray for race relations

The Scriptures teach us that the key to oneness and love for all mankind is prayer, writes Chris Schofield of the BSCNC’s Office of Prayer.[more]

Disciple-Making: Q&A with Tabatha Frost

Tabatha Frost will lead a women's evangelism and discipleship equipping session at the upcoming Disciple-Making Conference at Center Grove Baptist Church in Clemmons.[more]

5 resources for reaching the lost at home

This month, we’ve put together five resources to help you learn more about how to reach the lost people around you.[more]

Leading Change: Q&A with Thom Rainer

Thom Rainer, CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources, will be the keynote speaker at the "Leading Change in the Church" event in March.[more]

BSCNC to advance disciple-making strategy in...

The BSCNC will expand its focus of engaging high concentrations of non-Christians who are located in 250 identified “pockets of lostness" across the state.[more]

N.C. Baptists celebrate record year in missions...

Through the Cooperative Program and special offerings, the BSCNC sent a record $30.5 million to the SBC for missions in 2016.[more]

Board elects new officers for 2017

A new board president and vice president were elected during the first meeting of the BSCNC’s Board of Directors in 2017.[more]

Bearing God’s image and racial reconciliation

As Racial Reconciliation Sunday approaches, Milton A. Hollifield Jr. shares his thoughts on God's creation of all peoples in His image.[more]

Ministries at a glance — winter highlights

Get to know a little more about some BSCNC ministry happenings through this quarter's ministry highlights.[more]

Meet the Disciple-Making Conference speakers

Learn more about Micah Fries, D.A. Horton and Ed Newton as we look forward to this year’s Disciple-Making Conference on Feb. 27 at Center Grove Baptist Church in Clemmons.[more]

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