Worship Leader Boot Camp: Special Edition

NOTE: For information about Worship Leader Boot Camp with full band in August, 2016, click here.

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What does "Special Edition" mean?
The event is patterned after the popular Worship Leader Boot Camps, but will have a strong focus on how to lead worship in churches with limited musicians or musical resources. We will discover how to utilize technology and other tools to improve our church's worship when musician resources are lacking. There will be times of worship modeling these concepts. This conference includes all the same material as the "original" boot camp but does not have a full band for worship times and demonstration (note: we will have video of a full band to help with this application as well). There is additional material that is offered on the Friday evening that discusses new technologies and ways to utilize these technologies in worship where you have limited musician resources. Those on your worship team who do not desire this technical information could attend the Saturday sessions only.

Options and Schedule:
Tech Only, Friday, 6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
(NOTE: Friday night is an optional session on LifeWay Worship & Virtual Worship Bands. By virtual, we mean utilizing technology and other tools to improve our church's worship when musicians or musical resources are lacking.)

Worship Leader Boot Camp, without Tech Seminar but includes Worship Summit, WITH Lunch, Saturday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Worship Leader Boot Camp, WITH Tech Seminar, and includes Worship Summit, WITH Lunch, Friday 6:30-9:00, Saturday 8:30-4:30

A Note about Worship Summit: If you are interested in more info about only the Worship Summit on Saturday, please click here.

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So many churches want to be progressive in worship, but the leadership is frustrated by the lack of musicians and other resources to successfully lead their congregations. This training event will help these leaders find relief!

This intense training event will set the foundations for biblical worship and dig deeply into learning how to plan and implement worship in the local church that honors God and draws His people to Him each week. Churches desiring to transition to a more blended or contemporary style of worship will be well equipped to lead their congregations with excellence in a way that honors God and leads His people to worship.

For detailed information about all of the Worship Leader Boot Camps, please visit www.WorshipLeaderBootCamps.org.

The Worship Leader Boot Camps, together with the Worship Summits, offer a total package of training and foundation for worship renewal in the local church. Conceivably, a church could send the senior pastor and worship team to the Worship Leader Boot Camp, and several other people interested in worship or instrumental in leading worship renewal in the church, to the Worship Summit. This would ground a leadership core in your church in gaining vision for renewal and equipping them with the tools for change. This could be a major step in achieving renewal in the church.