Youth Bible Drill

is for youth in grades 7-9. Youth Bible Drill includes three numbered cycles which rotate during a three-year period. Youth should use the current cycle resources distributed by the BSCNC Bible Drill ministry.


1. Increase their knowledge and love of the Bible and to use this knowledge in living their life with Christ.
2. Develop skills in locating Bible books and Scripture verses.
3. Memorize verses dealing with doctrinal and ethical concerns.
4. Develop Skills in the proper handling of the Bible.

Books of the Bible: Students must be able to memorize and locate the book of the Bible called (or requested by leader to locate), as well as the book before and the book after the one called.

Verses: Be able to identify 25 verses from that year's verse card when portions of verses are read by the leader

Knowledge: Locate doctrinal passages

Answer: Give Bible answers to questions asked by the leader

Scripture searching: Locate five verses chosen by the leader from any location in the Bible.

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