The Executive Committee

usually meets eight times a year and acts for the Board of Directors. The Committee is comprised of 21 members and serves as the policy, planning and personnel committee.


The Executive Committee is to the Board of Directors what the Board is to the Convention, transacting all regular business in between the three sessions of the Board. The Executive Committee has the responsibility to review, amend if necessary and approve the budget as annually prepared by the Budget Special Committee prior to presentation to the Board in September and final adoption by the Convention during the Annual Meeting.

The Executive Committee is comprised of 21 members. Those serving on the Executive Committee are as follows:

  • 2 officers of the Board
  • 3 officers of the BSCNC (President, First Vice President, Second Vice President)
  • 10 committee chairs
  • 4  at-large members of the Board (elected during January meeting of the Board)
  • 1 President of North Carolina Baptist Men
  • 1 President of the North Carolina Baptist Associational Missionaries Conference

Current Members


Board Officers

President - Michael Barrett
Vice President - Perry Brindley

BSCNC Officers

President - Timmy Blair Sr.
1st Vice President - Cameron McGill
2nd Vice President - Joel Stephens

Committee Chairs
Articles and Bylaws - Bartley Wooten
Budget - Rob Roberts
Business Services Special Committee - Jimmy Adams
Christian Higher Education Special Committee - Gordon Benton
Christian Life and Public Affairs Special Committee - Ray Barnhill
Christian Social Services Special Committee - Wanda Dellinger
Church Planting and Missions Partnerships - Ben Whitmire
Communications Special Committee - Micheal Pardue
Evangelism & Discipleship - Chris Hawks


Bob Garbett
Sandy Marks
Mitchell Shields
Debbie Smith

Organization Presidents

North Carolina Baptist Men - John Gore
NC Associational Missions Conference - Dougald McLaurin

More Information

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