Welcoming a new new year

by Cheryl Markland
Friday, March 8, 2013 | 2 yrs old

It’s that time of year when we make our list of New Year’s resolutions. The definition of the word “resolution” is “a formal expression of opinion or intention made” (dictionary.com). Many of us will make countless resolutions for the new year, formally expressing and fully intending to keep each and every one. They often take the form of “more” or “less” statements: more time with our families, less time at work; more time at the gym, less time in front of the TV; more saving for the future, less spending in the here and now. We usually make it through January with our resolutions intact, but the cold of February slows our resolve, and by March we can’t even find the word “resolution” in the dictionary.

What if we dropped the pretense of making temporary resolutions and made an everlasting resolution like the one found in Psalm 78:4b-7 (CEB) (emphasis added):

Resolution: We’ll tell the next generation all about the praise due the LORD and his strength — the wondrous works God has done. He established a law for Jacob and set up Instruction for Israel, ordering our ancestors to teach them to their children. This is so that the next generation and children not yet born will know these things, and so they [we] can rise up and tell their [our] children to put their hope in God —never forgetting God’s deeds, but keeping God’s commandments.

Instead of teaching our children to hope for material things, let’s teach them about God’s story of providence for them, their place in His story (history), and the hope and promise we have in Jesus. We are bigger than our own limited view of the future. We are created to be the next generation of God’s family, never forgetting His works and commands, and trusting that our part in His story has a purpose for the generations to come. Sharing this truth with our children will infuse their lives with hope, joy and purpose. You will be living God’s story in your home. Now that’s a resolution!