Lunch box discipleship

Chances are sometime during this month a child in your home or one you know will return to school. It’s back to the routine of bedtimes, homework and packing lunches. We send them to bed...[more]

Connecting Sunday morning to Monday morning

As parents, we want to do the right things with and for our children. Hopefully, going to church on Sunday is on your priority list. If it is, consider adding or elevating another item on...[more]

Retelling the tale: disciple-making through...

School’s out and summer’s here! It’s time for a slower pace of life – time to recall and relive favorite summer memories and share them with your children. It’s time to tell a story! As...[more]

The holy calling

Long before there was printed curriculum, Sunday school classes, Wednesday evening youth group, Awana or other church-centered programming, children’s discipleship happened. It was simple...[more]

His-story lessons

I just returned from a wonderful conference called “Family Ministry Conversations” taught by Michelle Anthony, Ed. D. We were asked to consider changing our focus and purpose as we work...[more]

The gift of a Valentine blessing

On Valentine’s Day we normally buy candy, cards, flowers and gifts to show love to special people in our lives, but this year I challenge you to consider a unique gift for your child – the...[more]

Welcoming a new new year

It’s that time of year when we make our list of New Year’s resolutions. The definition of the word “resolution” is “a formal expression of opinion or intention made” ( Many...[more]