Worship Leader Boot Camp

To register, click on the orange button above. You may pay by credit card or check. We require payment to be received in our office before the event or your registration will be canceled. Checks are due in our office by Friday, August 19. After August 19, only the pay-by-credit-card option will be available when registering.

Hotel info, for those who are interested in staying overnight nearby, please click here to check Expedia listings. 

For detailed information and registration for Worship Leader Boot Camp, please visit www.WorshipMOORESVILLE.org. 

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The Worship Leader Boot Camps, together with the Worship Summits, offer a total package of training and foundation for worship renewal in the local church. Conceivably, a church could send the senior pastor and worship team to the Worship Leader Boot Camp, and several other people interested in worship or instrumental in leading worship renewal in the church, to the Worship Summit. This would ground a leadership core in your church in gaining vision for renewal and equipping them with the tools for change. This could be a major step in achieving renewal in the church.