Some Do's and Don'ts for developing a student...

DO: Make it Christ-centered and unapologetically Christian; keep it based on the biblical revelation.Make it alive with the interests and needs of students, majoring on the people rather...[more]

Eleven Steps to Follow

Step 1: Form a team to plan, begin and maintain a ministry to students in a churchThe best planning, conducting, and evaluation of a ministry is done by a team which includes students as...[more]

Some Questions a Church Should Ask

Below are some questions for churches to consider asking whenever they are contemplating a ministry with College or University students. General What are the overall objectives of our...[more]

Student Ministry Council

PurposeThe Student Ministry Council is responsible for planning and coordinating the college student program within the local church.DutiesA. The council should meet at least monthly, as...[more]

Student Ministry Objectives

Objective IThe church will understand the emotional, psychological, social, and spiritual needs of high school and college students.Objective IIThe church will communicate to church members...[more]

A Check List

What are the names of the church members who graduated from high school last June?Do you have a separate list (apart from their families) for each one, with a current school or home address...[more]

College Ministry Ideas

What are some expectations for the college ministry in our church? To know each student and to know what his or her plans are.To provide for our students' spiritual nurture by being...[more]

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