Disciple-Making Conference

Share your life. Speak the gospel.
February 29, 2016
Lawndale Baptist Church
Greensboro, NC

"So, being affectionately desirous of you, we were ready to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own selves, because you had become very dear to us." - 1 Thessalonians 2:8

Disciple-making is both gospel-centered and people-focused. Sharing the gospel also means sharing something else — our very lives. As we share the gospel through our relationships, we let others know we care about them, we’re concerned for them and we’re committed to them.  Join us for a day of training and equipping in how to invest your life in the lives of others for the sake of the gospel.

Conference Schedule


Registration is required, but the conference is free to attend. The cost for lunch is $7 per meal and requires registration.



Bruce Ashford

Chuck Lawless

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest


Chuck Lawless is an administrator and professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest. Chuck is a noted conference leader and author with a strong interest in discipleship and mentoring. He has also served as pastor of two churches in Ohio. Chuck and his wife Pam have been married for more than 20 years.

Steve Corts

Dhati Lewis

Lead Pastor, Blueprint Church, Atlanta
President, Rebuild Network


Dhati Lewis is the lead pastor of Blueprint Church in Atlanta, a congregation he helped start with 25 other individuals in 2009. Dhati’s passions are for church planting and discipleship. He launched The Rebuild Network in 2011 to help plant more churches in urban areas. Dhati and his wife Angie have six children.

Tom Wagoner

Bruce Frank

Lead Pastor, Biltmore Baptist Church, Asheville

Bruce Frank is the lead pastor of Biltmore Baptist Church in Asheville. He was born in Atlanta, but grew up in Oklahoma and Texas. Bruce became a follower of Christ at age 17 and was discipled through Campus Crusade for Christ during college. Bruce and his wife Lori have two adult sons, Tyler and Conner.

Lori McDaniel

Jerry McCorkle

Executive Director, Spread Truth Ministries, Bloomington, Ill.

Jerry McCorkle serves as executive director of Spread Truth ministries and has almost 30 years of ministry experience. Spread Truth’s mission is to serve the local church through gospel-centered resources, training and experiences. Jerry is a gifted evangelist and storyteller with a passion for sharing the gospel. He lives in Bloomington, Ill., with his wife of 35 years, Genie. Together, they have three grown children and two grandchildren.

Jon Erwin

Lori Frank

Biltmore Baptist Church, Asheville


Lori Frank serves the people of Biltmore Baptist Church in Asheville, where her husband Bruce is the lead pastor. She loves teaching women’s Bible studies and has a deep passion to love and encourage other pastor’s wives. Lori is also a registered nurse and worked in labor and delivery for 17 years. Lori and Bruce have been married for 26 years and have two adult sons, Tyler and Conner.

Equipping Sessions

Helping People Love, Live and Tell the Gospel Using Christianity Explored

Alan Avera

Learn how the seven-week Christianity Explored course is not only a great tool for helping unbelievers understand and respond to the gospel, but is also a great tool for helping church members understand and love the gospel in order to live it and tell it to their friends and neighbors. 

Preceptor: Nurturing Spiritual Development from Generation to Generation

Lori Frank

Making disciples of Jesus among the women of the next generation is part mothering, part mentoring and part mobilizing. In this session, learn what it means to be a “preceptor” whose calling is to develop missional relationships to equip women to leverage their lives for the glory of God. This session will provide practical ways to encourage growth in the hearts of young people for the sake of the gospel. *(Note: This is a two-hour session)

Missions as a Tool for Building Disciples (Panel Discussion)

Steve Hardy

Four North Carolina Baptist pastors will discuss how they have built missions into their disciple-making strategy.

Spiritual Warfare and Disciple-Making

Chuck Lawless

Engaging in evangelism and discipleship also means engaging in spiritual warfare. In this session, learn the biblical basis for building a disciple-making church that is strong enough to win the battles against Satan.

Sharing “The Big Story” in a Post-modern World

Jerry McCorkle

Everyone needs a story for life to make sense. In this session, we will discuss creative and innovative ways to equip believers to share God’s one story.

Connecting With the Schools in Your Area

Nathan Wallace and Adam Smith

How can your church connect with the schools in your area? Come learn practical ways to engage with local schools from a church that is partnering with local schools to love its community. From legal issues to practical projects, you will take home ideas about how your church can get started or take its ministry to the next level.

Sharing the Gospel in Community

Matt Capps

The gospel creates and nourishes the Church. The Church proclaims and embodies the gospel. Imagine the local congregation as, to use the words of Lesslie Newbigin, "the hermeneutic of the gospel." We will explore the local church community as the context of evangelism.

Impacting Lostness: Churches Planting Churches

Mark Gray

Every church in North Carolina had a birth. One of the most effective ways to impact lostness through disciple-making is through churches giving birth to new churches. Partnering with a new church positively impacts the sending church. This session will reveal steps in the joyful process of giving birth and the legacy that continues.

What is Youth Discipleship?

Merrie Johnson

How do we disciple teens in 2016? If a student enters youth ministry in seventh grade, what can we tell parents that their children will learn by the time they graduate high school? We’ll discuss all these questions and more as we look at a realistic approach to disciple-making among teenagers.

How to Establish a Disciple-making Culture in the Local Church

Dhati Lewis

Discipleship has become a buzzword in evangelical circles, but many of us do not have a plan to actually make disciples. Come learn how to create a culture of discipleship in the local church that is gospel centered and communally based.

Prayer and Disciple-Makers — A Missional Approach

Chris Schofield

Followers of Jesus who are disciple-makers should be serious about depending on the Father through a missional life of Kingdom-focused prayer. Kingdom-focused prayer is prayer that seeks to join with and accomplish God’s will and purposes. Come explore this subject biblically and pragmatically.

Next Generation Disciple-Making

Jonathan Yarboro

Engaging in evangelism and discipleship also means engaging in spiritual warfare. In this session, learn the biblical basis for building a disciple-making church that is strong enough to win the battles against Satan.

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