Prayer Requests

are shared each month by church planters across the state. Seven of those planters are featured on our website weekly, for specific and intentional prayer.

Day 1 Request: Please pray the Lord would lead us to new core ministry members with a passion for reaching those in our community.
Planter: Josh Williamson                                                     
Type: Anglo
Location: Benson

Day 2 Request: Pray our ministry remains focused on the Lord and His mission to seek and save the lost. Please pray for Jesus to raise up those who are passionate about His mission and join our vision to make Him known among the nations. 
Planter: Marcus Gainey
Type: African American
Location: Garner

Day 3 Request: Please pray for God's guidance as we reach out to the Ethiopian communities who are traditionally rooted in Orthodox culture. Pray God softens their hearts to accept the Savior!
Planter: Abeje Asmelash 
Type: Ethiopian
Location: Greensboro

Day 4 Request: Pray for wisdom and clarity as we seek the Lord’s direction for our ministry. 
Planter: James Pulley
Type: Multiethnic
Location: Raleigh

Day 5 Request: Pray for the Lord to open the hearts of the unreached in our community. Pray that Christ will empower us to remain faithful in sharing Jesus with the lost people we encounter and those who attend our worship services.
Planter: Ethan Welch
Type: Anglo
Location: Wilmington

Day 6 Request: Please pray for the Lord to raise up believers to serve as host homes for small group Bible studies. Pray for our missionary families, especially the Gil-Araujo family in Peru. Pray for the Lord to produce kingdom fruit, growing our new Sunday school classes, youth ministry, and kids Bible club.
Planter: Adrian Hernandez
Type: Hispanic
Location: Charlotte

Day 7 Request: Pray the Prince of Peace would rule over the hearts of His people in areas where strife and hardship abound. Pray we would live in peace with our culture and in oneness with fellow believers. 
Planter: Dustin Smith
Type: Multiethnic
Location: Mt. Holly

Pray for the Lord to call out and send church planters into His harvest fields in North Carolina. Matthew 9:37-38: (37) then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; (38) therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

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