Prayer Requests

are shared each month by church planters across the state. Seven of those planters are featured on our website weekly, for specific and intentional prayer.

Day 1 Request: Pray over our congregation as we challenge them to be the church in action this month. Pray God uses us to build relationships at our upcoming outreach events. 
Planter: Tim Brower
Type: Anglo
Location: Statesville

Day 2 Request: Please continue to pray for the manifestation of the Lord's promises. God is faithful and we are trusting in His perfect timing. Pray God continues to grace us with the strength to pursue His work so lives may be transformed.
Planter: Marcus Gainey
Type: African American
Location: Raleigh

Day 3 Request: Pray our main focus and goal is always to advance the kingdom of God. Pray for everyone to know and believe all things work together for the good of those who love God.
Planter: Warren Boatwright
Type: Multiethnic
Location: Shelby

Day 4 Request: Please pray more homes are open to host a Bible study. Pray for the safety and encouragement of our missionary families, especially the Gil-Araujo family in Peru. Pray for the Holy Spirit to work through our children’s Bible club.  
Planter: Adrian Hernandez
Type: Hispanic
Location: Charlotte

Day 5 Request: Join us in praising God for quickly outgrowing our facility! Pray we continue to trust in His leadership and direction to our next location. Pray we continue to use our facilities to further reach people for Christ.
Planter: Gray Little
Type: Anglo
Location: Mars Hill

Day 6 Request: Pray we leverage our lives daily for the gospel, constantly connecting with those in need of the Father.
Planter: JungWoo Chong
Type: Korean
Location: Greensboro

Day 7 Request: Please pray God continues to give us favor within our immediate community. Pray the gospel in clearly proclaimed through every outreach and ministry we lead. 
Planter: Melvin Johnson
Type: Multiethnic
Location: Durham

Pray for the Lord to call out and send church planters into His harvest fields in North Carolina. Matthew 9:37-38: (37) then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; (38) therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”

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