Frequently Asked Questions

are provided to help you and your church understand more about the Convention's strategy to impact lostness through disciple-making. 

Is Baptist Campus Ministry closing its doors?
Although the BSCNC will not have full-time employees on college campuses, campus ministry in North Carolina will continue with new models that will help churches become more involved in reaching college campuses. With only nine full-time BSCNC employees serving on college campuses, the current residential model does not provide enough manpower or resources to reach other campuses across the state. 

How will the collegiate ministry strategy be developed?
Regional campus ministry consultants will help local churches develop a contextualized, localized ministry model. Developing local strategies will allow North Carolina Baptists to minister not only on the campuses where there is currently a presence, but also on more of the more than 100 campuses throughout the state where there is not a Baptist Campus Ministry.

Convention staff will assist local churches in exploring different ministry models that have proven effective in various collegiate contexts throughout the Southern Baptist Convention. One important component of the Convention’s campus ministry program is leadership development. The Convention is blessed to have competent, dedicated student leaders already engaged in ministry on the different campuses where there are currently Baptist campus ministries. The Convention also has an impressive state president of North Carolina Baptist Campus Ministry. These individuals may be important contributors in the development of strategies to reach, disciple and engage more students in missions on North Carolina campuses.

Would the Convention consider starting new churches in areas near college campuses?
Collegiate church planting is certainly one model that local strategy teams may utilize, and in some areas of the state, this is already taking place. However, as the campus ministry strategy will be developed locally, according to the needs of individual campuses and communities, the strategy does not require local churches to start collegiate churches.

Will campus ministry receive funding going forward?
Campus ministry program funding will be included in the 2014 budget, although the actual allocation has not yet been set. Campus ministry funding, like other ministries throughout the Convention, will be reduced due to the need to decrease next year’s overall budget. The Budget Committee is working to bring a proposed 2014 Cooperative Program budget to the Executive Committee in August and to the Board of Directors in September. Any decrease in campus ministry funding will be consistent with reductions reflected in the overall budget.

Will a new collegiate ministry model help fulfill the mission to impact lostness and make disciples?
The Convention desires that every North Carolina Baptist church establish an Acts 1:8 model of reaching and discipling people for Christ in their Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. In many communities, it will be necessary for churches to develop strategies for reaching college campuses located within their Jerusalem, or their community, if they wish to fulfill Acts 1:8. Campus ministry cannot be a substitute for the local church. A new ministry model will help churches take leadership of college ministry and become more effective Acts 1:8 churches.

Will the Baptist Campus Ministry buildings/properties still be available?
At this time, the buildings and properties will not be sold. This could change in the future, as some properties are older and requiring more upkeep cost. This will also be determined in the future by evaluating the needs of the local strategy. On some campuses, where the Convention owns facilities, large group Baptist Campus Ministry meetings have already relocated to alternative buildings.

Where are the office locations for the regional consultants?
Office locations and the regional boundaries are still being determined.

How will information about collegiate ministry, and the new strategy, be shared with North Carolina Baptists?
Articles have already been published in the Biblical Recorder and on the BSCNC website and social media outlets. Articles will continue to be published that address not only campus ministry, but also various components of the overall five-year strategy to impact lostness through disciple-making.

As the strategy focuses on a more relationship-driven model of consultation, Convention leadership are meeting with local pastors, church leaders and directors of missions to discuss the new strategy.

The FAQs document listed below includes answers to questions submitted by collegiate partners, college students and state Baptist Campus Ministry President Sydney Stikeleather.

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